Peter Sculthorpe

How to Care for Your Giclée Prints

Brilliant Giclée prints are individually produced on fine hand-moulded paper and linen canvas using special archival inks. Due to their delicate quality, we suggest treating Giclées the same as original works of art. They should be handled with care, protected from moisture and kept out of direct sunlight. With careful consideration, your Giclée prints can last for several generations.

Giclée Prints on Paper

We recommend framing Giclée prints on paper behind UV-protected glass. When framing, do not touch the image with tools, oils or moisture. The general rule is to handle them like pastels or watercolors. Be careful to avoid creasing the paper because it may be impossible to remove.

It is important to keep paper Giclées away from solvent-based and acidic materials. Physical contact or even vapors can cause yellowing of the fine archival paper. Use archival interleaves when storing Giclées on paper. You will add to the life of your prints by using archival mattes, museum-quality framing and UV-protected glass.